Restaurant Schekavitsa

Cozy place where residents (Kievites) and visitors can relax (have a nice relax)

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Ukrainian traditional dishes ~

Popular delicacies and dishes imbued with the national soul are gathered here

Ukrainian national food ~

There are favorite recipes which are known by all the people and are used every day or at holidays

Ukrainian restaurant ~

The best way to get to know the people’s soul is to visit a restaurant of national cuisine.


Best restaurant of Ukrainian and European cuisine in Kiev is the place with a diverse menu!

But how can one do without borsch with sour cream, pampushkas with garlic, varenyky, dunplings, kulesh and banosh, cabbage rolls, homemade sausages and blood sausages, salo, uzvar and kvass. A truly Ukrainian restaurant is a place where you can get good and nourishing food, select a dish to your liking and have a good rest. The museum-restaurant “Schekavitsa” is exactly like this – an establishment with a bright coloring. In the restaurant-museum “Schekavitsa” the best specimens of embroidered and woven things, household items, furniture and even locations, such as the well and the attic, the apple garden and the yard, the hen house and the inner porch are collected. Any dish in such an ambience will have a special taste, will reveal its best qualities.

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